The Lost Art Of Asking For Referrals

Asking for referrals is something that almost all network marketers know they should do. However, it’s also something that most of them don’t do. Why is that? And the more important question is… in 2009 should network marketers still be asking for referrals?

The answer to my second question is a resounding yes! You should always, always, always ask for a referral anytime you’re talking to someone about your home based business. The reason for this is that leads are worth a lot. You can create your own but that takes time and effort or you can buy them but that takes money.

So if you’ve spend money on a lead that turns out to be someone who’s not interested at all that could feel like money down the drain right? Well if you get a few referrals out of the deal you won’t feel like you’ve wasted anything.

Referrals simply help your list of leads multiply. Imagine that you bought a list of a thousand leads. And not a single one of them came into the business. That would stink right? Now imagine that you bought a thousand leads and they each gave you 5 referrals. So you’ve essentially paid for 1000 but you now have 6000 do those odds sound a little better to you?

Now of course not everyone is going to give you a referral. You might not get a single one from some people. However you might get 10 or 15 from someone else!

If you’re not asking for referrals you are simply missing out on thousands and thousands of people every month and out of those numbers chances are a few of them will be interested in your business.

So how do you ask for referrals? It’s really pretty easy. Let’s say you’re talking to Sally and Sally says “thanks but I’m not looking for a home based business right now.”

All you have to say to Sally is… “That’s fine, do you happen to know anyone who might be interested in working from home?”

Now at this point Sally will either say yes or no if she says no just say goodbye. If she says yet get a pen and paper and write down their names and numbers right then and there, say thanks and goodbye to Sally and hang up.

Now when you call Sally’s friends you have an opener all ready.

“Hey Paul this is *say your name* I was just talking to Sally and she said you might be interested in making money from home… is that true?”

It really is as simple as that! Now imagine if you didn’t ask for that referral. Sally would have said no and that would have been the end of it but now you’re talking to Paul! You probably wouldn’t have ever even found Paul if not for Sally.

Start asking for referrals and start expanding your leads and getting more sign ups. The art of asking for a referral may be old but it defiantly still works in today’s network marketing business!

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