What American Idol Can Teach Us About MLM

I know it sounds crazy but it’s true… you really can learn a lot about MLM from watching American Idol. Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? Well check this out!

American Idol is the most popular show on T.V…. Why? Could it be Ryan Seacrest’s perfectly coifed head? Could it be Simon’s tiny black t-shirts? The crazy people who think they can sing but really sound like a dying cat? Or could it be that America’s favorite show holds little nuggets of knowledge for the home based business owner? Hmmm…

A.I Rule Number One: Keep on keeping’ on!

Have you ever seen an audition with someone who has a horrible voice but they just keep singing anyway? Simon tries to stop them and Randy tells them “it just wasn’t good dog” but they still keep going.

Ok, ok I know it’s really annoying on the show but in life that is exactly what you have to do. Keep on singing- er prospecting no matter what. You might have to hear a hundred no’s but if you keep on going you’ll get some yes’ too!

A.I Rule Number Two: The world is full of Simons

He might be mean and nasty but he’s always going to be on the show and trust me there are a lot of Simons out there! People are always going to tell you you’re crazy when you first get started in a home based business it’s just a fact of life. Ignore them and move on. Remember for every Simon there is always a Paula.

A.I. Rule Number Three: You gotta stand out!

Boring people never make it on American Idol. Even if they are really talented and have great voices if you’re dull you’re probably not gonna make it past the first audition. If you really want to succeed in a home based business you’re going to have to learn to stand out. No you don’t have to dress in a chicken costume… well unless you want to. Just don’t blend it with everyone else!

A.I. Rule Number 4: Don’t fake it

You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to have success. You can have success in any business as long as you’re the best version of yourself. The voters, um I mean prospects, can always spot a fake and nobody likes a phony.

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