How To Find The Perfect MLM Prospect

I’ve been asked many times just who exactly is the perfect prospect for a home based business. Is it a stay at home mom who wants to make money on the side? Is it a college student? Is it a man who’s been in network marketing before? Who exactly is the prime candidate for a home based business? How do you spot them?

Honestly it would probably make prospecting a whole lot easier if there was such a thing as a perfect prospect. Obviously if I knew that men from the ages of 35 – 45 with two kids were the best prospect I’d just go after them and forget about everyone else.

Sadly however I must tell you that there really isn’t a science or a formula for finding the perfect prospect for a home based business.

It just comes down to talking to as many people as you can and the winners and the losers will separate themselves out for you. Young people can be just as successful as middle aged people. Women can be every bit as successful as men and newbies can sometimes outshine the guy who’s been in 8 different businesses. It’s all really just a game of chance.

So if you’re looking for the perfect prospect stop! They aren’t out there and if they were you probably wouldn’t know them if you saw them.

The face of MLM in 2009 is a lot like walking down the street in New York City. You’re going to see a little bit of everything!

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