Online Marketing and the Power of Blogging

by Ed Hodgson
This is arguably the simplest way to start generating traffic to your website. Blogging is extremely powerful and easy to do. Whether you’re familiar with blogs already, or don’t yet have one, understand that they are a key factor in your online marketing.

Web logs (blogs) are often used as a newsletter to subscribers but can be used for almost any purpose.

You will also build your credibility and personal brand by using blogging, as well as increasing your traffic.

Blogging will be a great help in developing relationships with people interested in online marketing and what you do.

Search engine placement is another advantage of using blogs. You do need to include relevant keywords for this to work but is easy to do.

Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with your prospects. People like to see new and updated content when they are looking into an opportunity or business.

By providing them with new info you’re staying connected to your prospects, and when and if they decide to purchase, they’re more likely to do that through you, especially if they feel a connection to you or feel they relate to you in some manner.

This method of online marketing is very budget-friendly. In fact, blogging is free. Yes, you dont have to pay to set up a blog. You can go to and set up a blog very quickly and easily.

Always include links to other resources or your other pages, such as a personal homepage.

This again helps with building trust and openness as your visitors will see exactly who you are and what you stand for.

If you choose to use, be aware that they dont allow the use of blogs as a promotional site. So if youre using your blog as an online marketing tool, its likely to get shut down at some point. I know from my involvement in the Turn-key Marketing team that this has happened.

My advice would be to use a free blogging service when you start your online marketing. As your experience increases, you can then decide to stick with whats working for you, or switch to hosting your own blog.

My final point on blogging.

To get the maximum benefits out of blogging as a tool for online marketing, be sure to provide quality content that informs and educates. Don’t blatantly pitch them a sale; they will run! Give people valuable content and they will want to keep coming back for more.

About the Author:
Ed Hodgson is an experienced online marketing coach who teaches others the same strategies that he regularly uses for his own internet business. Blogging is an effective method that he uses to educate people and advise them on building a real income online.

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