Implementing a Marketing System Into Your Home Business Plans Will Create Success

Whether you’re just starting out with a part-time home-based business, or your home business is a full-time gig with employees, a marketing system can help or increase your success. Business owner Travis James wrote this article for other small-business owners, but it applies even to work-at-home business owners.


by Travis James
In a perfect world every part of your company would work faultlessly. You’d sell more product, schedule more services, make more money. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? The truth is that in real life, nothing ever works perfectly. If you aren’t selling products, or services you aren’t making any money. If your service is poor and you get a bad reputation, you’re not making money. If your product is breaking all of the time and word gets out, you’re not making money. This sounds more like your real life doesn’t it? The truth is there are so many negative things that can affect your business that it’s amazing any company can make a profit in this day and age.

Does Microsoft spend hundreds of millions of dollars on TV commercials just for the fun of it? Does Ford spend hundreds of millions of dollars on TV commercials just to show that Chevy trucks arent as good as theirs?They do all of these commercials because they have found them to be profitable to advertising on TV. They do it because they have developed marketing systems that work, and they stick to them. Why develop a marketing system for just Televison commercials? Well because it amazingly works! In fact they in all probability have a system for how their websites get updated, how they answer the phone, how particular problems with software or hardware are handled. In fact, I guarantee you that they have systematized absolutely every feature of their companies.

It’s amazing how many businesses I speak to each week that do not have any type of internet marketing system in place. A lot of people think systematizing a business is only for large corporations, it is definitely not. Having a system in place for every aspect of your company is essential to whether a company will be successful, or wilt and die out in the future.

Not only does systematizing a business make sure that every single task of your business is handled quickly and properly, it documents those tasks so if your accountant decides to leave for new opportunities, a new accountant could be hired, handed the systems and get to work right away. Any the new employees you hire will need to do is read the systems, apply the systems, and if they can follow directions well they will be ready to go! How much overhead time would this save your business in the long run. Think about it for a few minutes, training a new employee how to do every task of your business and answering countless numbers of questions that eat up your precious time versus handing the new employee a binder or cd full of all your businesses systems that they can read and apply almost immediately. Depending on the amount of responsibility each employee gets at your company this could amount to weeks of information that just got handed down through a binder containing all of the needed info! This means that none of your imperative employees need to spend countless hours training and hand holding a new employee. At my company I projected that it saves me roughly 200 employee hours, that is five weeks of time that I was losing before I systemized my business.

So the question is, why haven’t you created a marketing plan or marketing system for your business? The experts have already done it for you! Just Google search “marketing system” or “marketing plan” and you will get hundreds of results in all types of flavors that will suit your business! The initial investment will be low too. Most good ones start around $2000 and can go as high as $25,000. You could make up $2000 very quickly. If you hire a new employee and pay then $30.00 and hour, which would mean it would take you approximately 67 hours to earn back the money. If you normally spend weeks training them to perform at their job, you earn your money back on your very first hire! That’s not even including your valuable time!

So what are you waiting around for? Buy a marketing system for your business. Get the company you own systematized. Set up marketing systems so your company can succeed. Start reading email marketing blogs to find new strategies! Don’t just sit and wait for your competition to go out of business, be the more successful company and do it for them!

About the Author:

Travis James is a successful business owner and has sold 10 businesses before the age of 40. He now specializes in business consulting and marketing systems for small businesses and marketing companies. His new marketing system will be available in January of 2010. He can usually be found at many marketing conventions and does require a fee to speak at consulting events.

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