Being An Authority Figure For Network Marketing Products

by Christy Snape
Knowing your products gives potential Network Marketing customer a sense of trust. A trust factors means that potential customers will reply of your recommendations and appreciate your knowledge. Therefore it is essential to the success of your Network Marketing business that you show your customers you know your stuff. However it is not necessary to know EVERYTHING about your product for people to think you do. Here are some simple things you can do to stay one step a head of your customers.

Firstly you need to know your audience. Knowing who they are, what their interests, likes and dislikes are will help you have the knowledge they want. You can get this information from previous and continued customers, and I guarantee you will see some sort of trend (male, females, single parents ect). Then you need to write for this audience only. There is no point writing for a broad audience when the people with the same interests are looking up your Network Marketing produces. I like to use the horoscopes as an example. Horoscopes are written for a particular audience. For example if you were to read horoscopes in a mens magazine- do you think they talk about feminine subjects, and vise versa for womens magazines- no they dont because they are writing to an audience to show they have knowledge on what YOU want to know not what everyone wants to know. This is what you need to achieve.

Finding a place in the spectrum is also important. This means that you need to determine how much information there is out there about your product and how in depth it is. This will help you determine how much your potential Network Marketing customers know and what you should be telling them. So if you find that there is hardly any information out there you can presume that majority of your customers have little to no knowledge of the product. This means that you dont want to talk to these people as an expert because it can be overwhelming but talk to them so they can understand and at the same time know that you know stuff about your product.

Having a topic and a stance on it is essential. People are going to come to you and ask which Network Marketing product is the best at. You need to be prepared for this and have a stance on it. I suggest going with the majority, so look on blogs and other Network Marketing websites and see what product is at the top of their selling list. It is this product that people are going to want. But remember you are ultimately trying to sell a range of products and therefore putting down a product wont achieve this. Dont sit on the fence but dont wreck your chances at selling a range of products. For example for a male your may suggest product x over product y because it has a masculine appeal, but for a female you may suggest y. See having a stance but not minimizing the opportunity for sales. Your authority and knowledge can be seen when customers see you are confident enough to take a stance.

Also remember the minority. I am going to half contradict myself now and say dont forget about the minority. Find a way to also include the minority in your stance. The above example is a good way to do this. Therefore determine what type of people like the minority product and sell it this way. Product x doesnt suit everyone because but will suit stay at home mums is an example of how you can do this.

Supporting your stance with evidence is important. When people see that you can give evidence in the way of other resources it shows that you have done your study and you are not just simply taking an emotional or sales stance. Look on other Network Marketing websites, read blogs, look in as many places as possible to find as many references as possible. They will make people see your authority. To get this appeal you want a least 3 references for every stance.

Finally and most of all be honest. If you do not know something dont pretend you do as there will always be someone out there who will pick you up on it. You are best off simply telling your potential Network Marketing customers that you do not know the answer but you will try to find it for them. This will show people that you are human but are willing to find the information they need. Sometimes you may not have the time to look into it further, if this occurs try to point them in the right direction with a website or contact person that can help them further. This again shows authority as although you do not know everything you know where to go to find it out.

When creating a successful Network Marketing business authority and knowledge are essential. As shown above you dont need to know everything but you do need to be one step in font of your audience. So find out who they are, what they want to know and ensure you at least have that information. One of the most important aspects of online marketing is gaining authority through knowledge.

About the Author:
Want to talk with some one who is knows how to build a successful network marketing team then visit my website, enter your details and we can have a chat. Christy Snape is a 2009 network marketing peak performer who in matter of only three months was earning a 5 figure monthly income.


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