Tips On Selling Your Collectibles on eBay

Selling on eBay can be an ideal home business for many people. Do collecting trinkets like vintage jewellery, limited-edition figurines, antique music boxes and the like appeal to you? Are you also interested in making a business on eBay? Perhaps you do not have any collectible items to sell, but still wish to sell something on eBay. You’ve come to the right page! Here are some tips to get you started on your journey on eBay.

Before we can begin, you need to have the following essential equipment. A working computer, an Internet access, a digital camera and some space to store the items you are about to sell on eBay. You will also need to know more about the different types of shipping and packaging materials, but not to worry; we’ll come to that later.

Next, you will have to learn how to list an auction on eBay. There are many types of information you see are what you need to know for a successful listing on eBay. Here’s a link to an overview from an eBay seller: There are many articles and tutorials available online that will teach you all you need to sell successfully on eBay. Also, mentors are available but a consultation fee may be imposed.

When you have learnt how to set up an eBay store, you will now need to focus on what product you want to sell. Before you go off finding a supplier, try to auction off some collectibles or unique products from your house first and start building up on positive feedback on your sales. As many eBay buyers shun away from sellers with little to no feedback, it is wise to build up your reputation and then, when you have gain trust within the eBay community, you may start to focus on a particular niche of products from your supplier on eBay.

You also will not want to sell an item that is unique, but not in high demand on eBay. Do a quick search around eBay by looking up on “completed” items and then sort it by the highest price. You will be surprised to see the little music box you are planning to sell has over 20 listings but not one of them has been sold.

The next thing you need to be wary of is the pricing of your products. You’ll have to do a very thorough research and sometimes, it can be quite a challenge for new beginners on eBay. Find out the price the items or similar items you are planning to sell are going for on eBay. Always remember, many eBay buyers are looking for the most affordable price, so do not mark up the price of your product. You can find more information in the link provided at the earlier section of this article. Don’t scrimp and also, don’t be cheated when selling or buying anything on eBay!

So, you have this really cool popular item that you have put up for auction on eBay. But when you check in a few days later, you’re shocked to find not even a single bid! How is that even possible? There are other sellers auctioning off the same item but they are receiving bids like there’s no tomorrow and you’re stuck without any buyers.

Fear not. The problem does not lie with your item, but with your marketing strategy! Let’s take a look at what you might be missing out.

Many buyers are looking for unique and special items (or maybe an item with an affordable price tag), by opening an auction with a popular product, you actually run a risk of having a friendly competition with a million other eBay sellers selling the exact same product!

So what do you do to win over the majority of the customers? Well, here’s a tip!

A little creative marketing is all you need.

Firstly, always remember to test the waters on eBay. I don’t mean that literally but use your head! No, stop smashing your head on the screen, I beg you. Look here instead! Always order a small amount of the items you wish to sell on eBay. If sales are successful, you may slightly increase the number of stocks you ordered originally. Never ever think that the product you think of selling will fly off the rack and you start by ordering a huge amount of stocks. In the end, you will end up having mountains of unwanted, unsellable items piling up in your room.

Also, try testing the market by introducing two or three different items up for bids. This will surely narrow down what your customers want and what they don’t fancy. Do not get discouraged if your item isn’t selling well, discontinue the product and introduce a new one! It’s a game of trail and error and perseverance is the key to success.

Next, as possible as you are able to, try introducing the big four-letter ‘F’ word that everyone loves! No, not that ‘F’ word, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite word in the dictionary, FREE! Try adding a free gift to your product like ‘ Get a FREE memory card with every purchase of Sony digital camcorders!’ . Rest assured, many customers will then come flocking to your sales page. Isn’t the ‘F’ word great?

Remember, doing business online is similar to doing business on the streets. Always do a market research and plan your sales tactics. Got something unique, market it to that particular group of target consumers. There is always something for everybody. By planning your strategy, you will run a lower risk of complications from your sales.

Finally, do a thorough research on eBay. Find out what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’. What is not popular today may be the most sought-after item tomorrow. Keep an eye, or both eyes out on rising market trends and fads. For you might be the one to breakthrough the market with the hottest item for sale on eBay.

So what happens when someone has expressed interest in your product and wish to buy it from you, how do you deal with online payments? The majority of eBay users use PayPal to settle online transactions. Provide a variety of payment options like PayPal, personal checks or direct cash to your customers. With more methods of payment options, you will likely get more bids on your products.

After your customer has paid for the product, it is now time to ship the item. There are many shipping companies and shipping methods. Many sellers use USPS and some use UPS. By shipping with USPS through Priority Mail, your items can be packaged free whilst you have to look around for packaging materials like boxes, bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts for your item if you ship via First Class, Parcel Post or UPS.

In summary, if you want to learn how to sell your collectibles and other items on eBay, you can do it! Overwhelmed yet? Yes there is a lot to learn, but it’s not nuclear science. Just take it one step at a time. It’s a learning process. If you need mentoring and support from others, those resources are available too. Use what works for you and become the newest eBay seller! Selling on eBay may be difficult, but with practice and lots of patience, you can do it! There are many people out there willing to help you with your journey and there are many resources available too! Don’t be intimidated by the process and most importantly, don’t give up!

Leslie Yc – a Platinum eBay Powerseller, who is now selling full-time on eBay ever since he bought his life-changing ebook ( “eBay Inside Out”. He make $55k to $60k of sale every month now. You too can make it!

by Leslie Yc


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