Top 10 Barriers For MLM Success!

Have you ever dreamed of failing miserably in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Network Marketing? You’re in luck! Here are ten simple ways to fail and fail big time in your home based business.

1. Quit too soon

If you’re really serious about failing in MLM the best thing to do is to try it for a week or two and then just give up. You’d be shocked at how many people join a business and get all excited only to get down and give up after hardly any time at all. If you’re going to start a business you have to give it some time. There is no such thing as a real way to get rich quick.

2.Listen to negative people

When you join a home based business there are bound to be a lot of negative people telling you that you are going to fail. Ignore them and you’ll have a ton of success. Listen to them and they’ll probably be right.

3.Don’t follow the system

Almost all home based businesses have a system for success. If you want to fail just don’t follow the system. Do your own thing, re-invent the wheel. After all you know more than all the people making 5 or 6 figures right? Don’t follow the system and you’ll be sue to fail!

4.Be a secret agent

Whatever you do if you want to fail in MLM just don’t tell anyone about it! Keep it a secret in fact you should probably be really embarrassed of your business. Telling your friends and family might mean that some of them could want to sign up and you don’t want the hassle of that… just keep it a secret.

5.Be cocky

You know better than the people who brought you into the business right? As a matter of fact you probably know more than almost anyone else in the company. Humility is for the weak. Be cocky and your failure is guaranteed!

6.Be bitter about other peoples success

What is the use in being happy when other people around you find success? Everyone knows you have to be bitter and jealous of other people’s accomplishments right? Don’t waste your time being happy and supportive of people.

7.Don’t grow

You are fine just the way you are. Reading books or working on yourself in any way is just plain silly. Don’t grow as a person and defiantly don’t add to your skill set. Stay just as you and don’t grow… perfect way to fail.

8.Ignore your team

You don’t have time to help other people after all! You’re too busy worrying about yourself. Bring people into the business and then just ignore them.

9.Have zero confidence

Whatever you do… don’t believe in yourself!

10.Just don’t get started

Hands down the best way to fail in MLM is to never get started at all. If you’re nervous you might succeed and want to be sure to avoid it DO NOT under any circumstances join a business. I mean you might just succeed by mistake!

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