Is Your Business Online?

At the own business reader we often assume that your business is already online. The reality is that many home-based businesses are not yet online. For many home business owners and entrepreneurs, they are primary business has nothing to do with the Internet. Craftspeople, service businesses, sales of physical products, etc.

All of those with a home business that isn’t online, or are considering starting one, really must take advantage of all the Internet has to offer. At the very least, you should have a web presence that can advertise for you, provide customers and or prospects for nation about what you do and how to contact you, and act as a sales prospecting tool.

Even if you don’t know the first thing about creating or operating a website, you can still put yourself online quickly easily and cheaply.

Google has a service called blogger; it’s free and very easy to use. You simply sign in to your Google account-free to sign up for if you don’t already have one-click on your account, and then the blogger link. You are provided with dozens of ready-made templates that you can simply edit your information to, and voilĂ  you have a website!

Building up your website is as simple as typing in the information you want, and using their else in widgets to add things like pictures, lists, even advertising or which earn money from.

Word is another very good, very simple, free platform that allows you to create and manage your own online blog.

If you want something a little different, Squidoo provides this a similar point and click interface along with many prefabricated modules are adding functionality, content, pictures, etc. your website.

If you don’t want to use one of the free platforms, you can get your own domain name and an inexpensive hosting account. We recommend Hostgator, which while very inexpensive, provides all of the bells and whistles and professional features to manage anything from the simplest to the most advanced and sophisticated websites on the Internet.

Regardless of which avenue you choose, it’s imperative that you have an online presence. After all, the beauty of the Internet is that it allows anyone anywhere to connect with anyone else anywhere. And the truth of the matter is, more and more people are looking for products, companies, and information online. The days of the Yellow Pages are long gone. If you don’t have a presence online, for more and more people, you don’t exist and cannot be found.

At the very least, your self a favor and create an accounts with blogger,, or Squidoo, and post your basic information include who you are, what you do, and how we can be reached.even if your home business isn’t an Internet or online business, get your self use to operating this way. This also gives you the opportunity to network with other people online. Join some of the business networking forums such as linked in, and spend some time on some of the marketing forums. Chances or very likely that no matter what your home-based business is about, there is a forum online with other business owners and entrepreneurs doing the very same things you are doing.


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