Marketing Tips For Successful Network Marketing

With so many home-based businesses focusing on Network Marketing and MLM, I thought I’d revisit some of the ideas that make this business model so lucrative, plus some of the reasons why so many fail at it.

Below is an article that came across my screen that hit the nail on the head, so-to-speak. The author, a successful network marketer, distilled some tips to help insure success in this type of business. It’s worth heeding his advice.

I hope you enjoy the article, which as always was reprinted with the author’s explicit permission.

7 Important Network Marketing Tips
by Frank Anthony Mitchell

There are ten network marketing tips that are the most important tips you’ll ever need to know. You can put to use the following pointers to help your business reach the pinnacle of success. These tips aren’t anything new. But they’re used by the most successful marketers in the business.

Number one: Always schedule time to work the business. If you don’t work the business, it won’t work, it’s that simple. Block off the time you need. You won’t magically get more time during the day or night. Just take it. Make it a priority. Don’t waste time on the computer playing games or emailing your friends. There will be time for that later after the business is established and you’re seeing the money you want to see.

Number two: Have a plan for when the business takes off financially. What are your plans for the money? If you don’t tell your money which direction to go, it’ll still go and you’ll wonder where it went. Always put some back into the business. This is so important in the startup stages. You have to invest some money to make a lot of money.

Number three: Grow intellectually as you work your marketing business. Out of all of the network marketing tips you’ll learn, this one should be memorized. There is always more to learn about marketing and more to learn about how to use that knowledge for your company’s benefit.

Number four: Don’t be impatient. When you’re planning your strategy, know ahead of time when you’ll see your profits take off and plan accordingly to stay afloat until that happens.

Number five: Before you invest in any product, do your research first and find out if the parent company is at a standstill both financially and recruit-wise. If a company isn’t growing, it’s actively failing.

Number six: How reachable is the company upline? You should be able to get help when you need it instead of being regulated to an automated system. If you’re someone’s upline, then you need to be reachable. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of your perspective downline. Did you once struggle financially before you became a marketer?

Number seven: Make sure you follow up with every single lead – every single recruit. Follow up is ingredient that binds your team together.

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