Free Lead Generation Tools For Multi-Level Marketers

If you are a multi-level marketer (MLM’er for short) or a network marketer, than leads are the life blood of your business, both sales leads and new prospects. Below is an article that was sent to me talking about ways to generate more leads without spending money on them.

All of these are effective methods, and will be effective to the degree that you put in the effort. Let me know of your own methods, or what your experience has been with some of the ideas below.

Free MLM Lead Generation Tools

by Tony Mack

Multilevel selling methods for a newbie sales representative sometimes involve selling to your folks, mates and neighbours. Though a lot of them might be frustrated at your troubling demand to try your product, at the end, your folks would give in, reluctantly lending their support to your start-up company. The challenging part now is developing your own M.L.M lead generation abilities to tempt them in.

Particularly if you are only starting out, you would need the least costly selling secrets. Blogging and article submissions that contain topics that relate to your MLM business venture are a great way to introduce the product or service and a way advertise your website. Including links to your site will of course bring up your traffic.

Advertise your website using social networking sites. Facebook, in fact, is becoming the website were user preference is determined with their like buttons popping up everywhere in the web. The move is viewed by mavens as direct competition to Google’s current predominance particularly over target-market ads. You can also take advantage by employing your own social network to pump your Multi Level Marketing products. Promoting via social media isn’t just about posting photos or updating statuses. You can make educational videos that talk about the advantages of your product and post it on free sites like Youtube and Dailymotion.

Press Release submissions can also be a way to launch your business. Ensure the PR article contains reports deserving content and is copy edited to avoid typos and factual mistakes. Don’t forget to include your website in case interested readers want to find out more about your business.

In Multi Level Marketing lead generation, don’t expect that clients you do not personally know will instantly buy in to your pitch. Making the web site, articles and blogs do an excellent job of introducing your product but the most vital thing to notice is that it also serves to teach your possible clients.

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