Advertise Your Business Online

By Melanie Ullman
Because of its access to information and people worldwide, business people have used the Internet to advertise their businesses. If you’re one of them, you should primarily employ various techniques to make your business known in the online world, and on a very large scale.

One is to pay for advertising space. To do this, you can pay a website to list or post your advertisement. You can also pay for it to come up when potential customers use keywords that correspond with your ad. However, these require more money so you may lose a lot just because of paid advertising. It is advisable to start with methods that require less risks but possibly very rewarding results. These alternatives can either incur less cost or no cost at all.

You can choose to create your own website that provides vital information on your business. It can save you a lot of money and won’t require much effort. You may settle for a simple but appropriate design depending on the type of business you have or your target market. Also, you may choose to outsource this task to an affordable web designer. Another tip is to know the current popular trends; base your domain name on one of these so as to improve chances of readership, and then have your site included in free web directories.

Gaining lots of exposure can also be achieved through article marketing. This includes writing articles that cater to the interests of your target audience, or even write-ups that deliberately discuss your business, and then having these published on free article marketing websites. Publishers and webmasters often visit such websites for content that they can use in their own site and will thus broaden the scope of your readership. Also, include certain keywords that are commonly searched by your target market, to increase the chances that your articles will be read.

Another successful method is through taking advantage of social networking. You may build Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages for your services, and publicize it to colleagues and strangers alike. Contact-building is important here, so ample time and persistence are required to establish relationships with your clients. Also, when building a relationship, be sensitive to giving tips and engaging with your clients in conversations outside your business. The personalized approach will likely gain their trust and loyalty, and will increase their chances of acquiring your services. Because the method is peripheral, you may include links to the main website of your business, or articles that discuss your products/services in detail.

You may also use Public Relations tools such as writing and disseminating press releases about your site and events that are related to it. Also, email marketing can be effective, which includes emailing business details, products, services, and promos to your customers. Contacts are important. If your list is lacking, gain more contacts through networking sites or refer to email marketing companies, which will help you add customers to your list. These can also provide professional email templates for you to use. Just be wary of flooding inboxes, and coming across to customers as spam.


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