Article Marketing Is Still Strong

We hear a lot about article marketing lately. It is becoming one of the most prevalent strategies for Internet marketing lately. Popularized by the “bum marketing” strategy, it has two very significant characteristics: it’s free, and it works.

There are two important benefits for Internet marketers. First, it generates valuble IBL’s, or Inbound Links. Secondly, it provides greater exposure for the marketer and their website.

As with most bum marketing techniques, article marketing is a numbers game. In order to be effective, it requires ongoing and consistent effort. One article submission may not do much for you, but one article submitted every day for two weeks provides an overall benefit greater than the sum of its parts.

To get the most out of your article submission strategy, it’s important to focus on one individual keyword or phrase for each individual article. It’s also very important to optimize each article, in much the same way you would optimize a website. Once an article is submitted, it becomes a one-page mini site.

SEO each article the same way you would SEO a web page. Begin the article headline, summary, and first paragraph with it, include it in the last paragraph, and be sure to use it for the anchor text in your link and/or resource box.

By following a few simple steps, you will gain maximum return for your effort. As part of a multipronged approach, article marketing becomes an extremely effective and inexpensive technique in your arsenal.

As the whole internet marketing field continues to mature, the various means for boosting traffic evolves along side. That said, backlinks continue to be the backbone of search engine rankings. The more inbound links to your website, the stronger your rankings will be. This type of backlinking, particularly on a scale of effort to outcome, is still one of the surest and best out there, and should be a part of every marketers arsenal.

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