Being More Productive

I came across a terrific post on a blog about how to make money online that I thought was worth re-printing. I got permission to re-post the entire article here. Let me know what you think about it, and by all means visit that site. Let me know if you do that, and what you think about their methods and strategies.

And so here is that original post, called “Avoiding Productivity Traps”.

Whether you’re new to Internet marketing, or have been making money online for years, there are traps in this business that can drain your productivity and revenue.

Productivity traps

Productivity is one of the keys to success. It’s all about “getting things done”. Who hasn’t wished for more hours in the day? Yet there are people who seem to get more done in a four-hour workday, then we get done all week. Here are some traps that can decimate your productivity:

Multitasking. Despite what we may think or have read elsewhere, study after study shows that multitasking is a productivity killer. The reasons revolve around focus. When we’re juggling many tasks, it may feel like were getting a lot done; the reality is, each task ends up taking longer to complete, and we tend to do a much poorer job. The key to avoiding this trap is to break up our time and our tasks into optimum, manageable chunks.

Other studies have shown that 45 min. to an hour and a half is the ideal “chunk” of time to devote to it task. We can focus all our attention and energy, without other distractions, and perform at our peak. Longer than that and our attention and efficiency diminishes. For larger tasks or projects, break them up into smaller pieces.

Scheduling. This goes hand in hand with multitasking. Schedule your time such that you’re able to devote all of your attention to the task at hand. Set separate, specific times to check e-mails, visit forums, return phone calls, etc.

Distractions. When we talk about distractions, we aren’t aren’t just referring to “interruptions”, like the kids tromping into your home office. Of coarse you want to make sure your workplace is conducive to being able to work i.e. quiet enough, comfortable enough, etc.

It’s the subtle distractions that can be the most destructive. Chief among them are the “shiny new object” types. Getting caught up in new product launches, sales pitches, the latest, greatest, “productivity boosting” tools, the newest strategy, method, or tactic, etc. Set aside a spot in your scheduling for you to poke around, checking out new products, etc., and avoid these endless time wasters outside of that.

I can tell you this from direct, first-hand experience: it’s astonishing how much – and how much more – you can accomplish by chunking up your time, focusing on single, digestible tasks, and creating or managing your schedule better.

When it comes to making money online, productivity is the key to long-term, sustainable success.

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