Ecommerce For The Holidays

Holidays; Christmas; wish list… Phunkee Duck or IO Hawk. Strange, I know – unless you’re part of the Digerati, ‘in the know’. Or just under 30.

For those who read this and scratch their heads, and say Huh…?”, let me try and explain.

“Phunkee Duck” and “IO Hawk” are the two top ‘name’ brands of a generally-pretty-awesome, crazily-trending new product called, well, depends on who you ask.

If you check out Ebay, you’ll see it referred to variously as “2 wheel self-balancing smart electric scooter board”, or some spun version of such.

Without going to far out of context of this post, it’s a battery-powered Segway with no bar or handle. A skateboard with a motor. And wheels that drive horizontally rather than vertically.

It’s this: ASB Relay 2 wheel electric scooter board

What’s this got to do with The Home Business Reader, or internet marketing in general? It happens to be the focus of an ecommerce experiment and business I launched.

Right now, it’s late October, and this is something that really should have been posted no later than mid-summer, but whaddya gonna do, right?

In my own defense, I toot this horn pretty regularly every year, and much closer to the ‘right’ time.

What I’m talking about is leveraging the holiday buying season. And that is something that any IM’er looking to profit from, really needs to consider no later than late Spring – and ideally, right after the New Year.

Ok, so in this case, I’m leveraging the Shopify hosted ecommerce platform, with my own (never-ending) niche & trend research efforts.

To make a potentially very long story fit in this post (at least Part 1), suffice it to say that as part of my regular trend-watching, I ‘discovered’ this hotly-trending product that met some very important additional characteristics (additional beyond just hotly-trending), namely that demand was outstripping supply, supply originated in China, the brand leaders were literally OEM branded imports, and the spread – the difference between the cost and the leading brand selling price – was enormous.

Ok, so now I’ve set the stage, sort of. This is Part 1 of I’m-not-sure-how-many-parts going over the what & how of leveraging the holiday buying season, and simultaneously doing a case-study of both a hosted ecommerce platform, and the ‘importing’ business model.

So there you have it. Or part of it. An intro at least. And all the necessary relevant verbiage to wrap around the back link I wrote this article for… 😉

Stay tuned – more to come!


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